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At ATI we provide a wide range of services to meet varying customer needs.

For the home owner we will come to your home and carry out a full survey on your house, taking both infrared and digital images with the Thermal imaging equipment. A report is then compiled highlighting problem areas and providing advice on how to rectify these problems. These reports can be presented and stored for you on a CD, in print form or both. It is a quick and efficient service and when the repair work has been completed, a re-visit can determine the effectiveness of the work done.

For people interested in buying a home you can get a heat loss survey done before you make the final decision. This will ensure that you have no surprises with the heat efficiency of your home after purchase. The survey will be carried out on the same way as described above.

Our service is of particular interest to the building industry especially when a house has been finished and is ready to be handed over for sale. A survey can show that all the work has been completed to the highest standard which is good for both the provider and the potential buyer.

At ATI we specialise in heat loss and insulation problems in buildings. With the various applications of infrared thermography we are available to assist in other areas. Maybe you do not need a full survey and only require us for a small problem such as :

  • Pinpointing a small leak
  • Locating under floor pipes
  • Finding a missing animal

No job is too big or small so give us a call on 087 9830523

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“Heat your home not the neighbourhood, which will benefit you, your family and the environment”

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